24 September 2009

The Life (and Death) of a Slug

I have had the misfortune of entertaining a slug at night in the living room, no I have no idea of how he/she/it got in their only that I knew by a trail in the morning that they had made their presence felt..

I hoovered up and looked in all the crannies, but to no avail. It would disappear for days at a time and just when you thought it was safe to assume it had gone, the following morning would see a marathon session. Obviously this has not been ideal given the fact that the house is on the market still and attracting viewers, while the buyers are still trying to organise their sale.

So over the past couple of week, I have tried all sorts of baits, from beer to salt before I resorted to other more negative means (can there really be any more negative means than the death of a slug?) no matter.. none of it worked, the salt didn't do any good (or harm), the beer was obviously not the beer of choice for this particular slug (he must either be teetotal or a recovering alcoholic)..

So finally, I laid down the law, after a particular frenetic session the night before leaving a silvery trail around the room.. the slug had to go.. that evenining I sprinkled down a goodly amount of slug pellets along the wall where I though the slug might be holed up and sure enough Monday morning there the corpse lay amongst the pellets..

Today I am slugless once more... and am grateful for it...


dickiebo said...

You really do look better slugless. lol.

Rach said...

The back room in my house used to be the coal house which some years ago they put a roof on.

I only have the dryer and the cats in there oh and slugs which I can't get rid of either.

I have tried everything including slug pellets but to no avail.

The main problem I have is Annabelle chases anything and everything and more then once has wandered through with one stuck to her mouth.

Once disposed of I think more come to the funeral as in wasps...lol..x

Kathy G said...

Ewwwww! I've never heard of slugs in the house-only outside.

Glad to hear it's gone.

Kathy G said...

Ewwwww! I've never heard of slugs in the house-only outside.

Glad to hear it's gone.

Relax Max said...

You should have tried to capture it and sell it. I'm not kidding. I came across a website that had a completely different point of view about slugs. Here is a list of links I found on this website about keeping slugs and snails as pets:

•Slug Keeping Supplies
•Setting Up Your Slug's Habitat
•Feeding Your Slug or Snail
•Upkeep and Cleaning
•Breeding Slugs and Snails
•Gastropod Handling
•Purchasing Slugs and Snails

This last gave me the idea that you should sell them. Ah, well, to each his own, right? Too many capital letters for links, I say.

I know how interesting this must be to you, but I will stop here. :)