08 September 2009

Monty's and a happy mistake

Not the full monty but very nice..

As a thank you to someone who was helping me declutter last week, and before the main onslaught of moving the 'stuff' to the skip I took them to Monty's a local restaurent. Although Monty's doesn't have a licence for alcohol, they do allow customers to bring along a bottle of wine.

I decided not to bother, as the food is delicious without stocking up on alcohol the night before a very long day on Saturday.

As we munched on the poppadom's complete with four different relishes, one with yoghurt, mint and spices, another with fruit chutney, the third was a hot pickle and the fourth and my absolute favourite was an onion relish... I keep trying to get the recipe without any success as each chef seems to have their own version.

I ordered a chicken dopeaza, which when delivered turned out to be lamb.. I had already tucked in and found it delicious and only mentioned it to the waiter as I wouldn't normally eat lamb unless grilled or roasted and had never had it in a curry before but that it was really nice and it was.

The lamb melted in the mouth and was beautifully spiced, neither too hot and spicy nor bland. They couldn't be apologetic enough and I had to giggle when he said later that even the chef couldn't think why he had served lamb instead of chicken.

When the bill came, he had deducted half for the cost of their mistake, which was not really a mistake as now I feel I can order it and know in confidence it will taste delicious.

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M@ said...

can you please wrap all of that up and send it to me in New Jersey, USA??? :)