01 September 2009

An apology and an Update

Sorry I have been lacksadaisical in posting for the past few days, but have been busy in Cornwall and only got home late yesterday evening.

I flew down early on Thursday morning as I had the second part of my interview for the course in Camborne College, in the afternoon starting at 2pm; this consisted of a number of computer exercises to test my abilities in learning types, literacy, numeracy and language skills.

I was in the room for the best part of an hour and a half and after a 3.15am start my poor brain was befuddled enough but I had to attain level 2 on both the literacy and numeracy. I didn't think I would have a problem with the literacy but the numeracy was a whole different matter. Maths isn't my strong point and I hadn't had much time to revise any materials beforehand.

Surprisingly, the results for maths came out higher than for English, so perhaps the knowledge is in there but I just didn't realise it.

On Friday I saw four properties, one was a bungalow in Redruth town centre that I had seen in December and thought good, but on seeing it as a possibility I realised that the balance was more negative than positive. The second was at a small village 3 miles outside of Redruth, and was in a small estate, the village like back of beyond has a small store, a pub, a recreation ground and is on a good bus route to the town. This has a large but quiet garden, and possibilities for lots of things.

The afternoon saw two more, a bungalow overlooking Redruth Rugby ground, the view was nice but not the bungalow, too small and the area was the one mentioned in the news report where the police in agreement with the council put a curfew in place.. the graffiti on the concrete walls made it too depressing to consider.

The last property was a 200 year old cottage in the centre of redruth, it was apparently built as a servants quarters to a big house (now the grammar school I think) and was lovely inside, a small but perfectly formed kitchen with what looked like a place for a cornish range but now just a decorative shelf. Sadly the biggest problem with this was the second bedroom was not really big enough for anything other than the built in captains bunk.. not really what I had in mind but the garden was quiet and secluded and had a pond already in it.

The second property really ticked most of the boxes, with very few negative things, and the neighbours all came and introduced themselves with the second viewing I took lots of photos and measured up the rooms accurately as the blurb was not as accurate as it could have been. This is hopefully the one I am buying and my offer has been accepted, just need to get the back of beyond sold now and do all the paperwork needed.


Hogday said...

Sage, this is spooky. We've been scanning that self same area and receiving notifications via RightMove. If they were featured on `Right Move` will you do me a favour and e-mail me the ones you saw? It might just help me get a better mental picture as I haven't had the time to get down there in person.

Sage said...

@ Hogday

I looked at Seaview Terrace Redruth, Penhale Close Redruth and Tolgus Hill Redruth as well as the one in the village location.

If you are interested in Redruth area, I have emailed you with some contact details and happy to talk to you about locations, areas and such like.

Joanne said...

Well done you - Sally-Ann and I are nowntrying to work out where your new back of beyond is LOL x

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to read you have found a property in Cornwall that's excellent news! Fingers crossed everything goes nice and smooth for you! x