04 April 2009

Saturday Satire - Part 710

A few days ago I was having some work done at my local garage..

A blonde came in and asked for a seven-ten.

We all looked at each other and another customer asked, 'What is a seven-ten?

She replied, 'You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I have lost it and need a new one..'

She replied that she did not know exactly what it was, but this piece had always been there.

The mechanic gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like.

She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had its bonnet up and asked 'is there a 710 on this car?'

She pointed and said, 'Of course, its right here (click the link)


sally-ann said...

Brilliant!! We both had a good chuckle at that one :-)

Elaine said...

Now that is a good one.

Confession - it took me at least a second to see it!

A. said...

Like Elaine, it took a second or two! :)

Dark Side said...

Lol! Not seen it described as that before...xx

Funky Grampa said...

Oh my! My neatly numbered and organized world has been turned upside down.

Asclepius said...

Hey, Just a quick one to say happy belated birthday for the 30th. A booze up on the intertubes sounds fun :D.