17 April 2009


Finally, and after much nagging, I have done something about the broadband.. I was on option 1 from BT for ever such a long while though they kept offering me BT vision, free hub... it never seemed like the right time to take up any of the offers until now.

Now I have upgraded the system to Wireless, well I will have as soon as I have read the instructions and dealt with the issues relating to the PC not being wireless compliant at the moment not to mention installing the software, dealing with any cabling issues etc. Despite working in IT I am not a technician and never have been so this may take longer than I anticipate or I will have it cracked in 5 minutes flat.

I spoke to a very nice gentleman from BT last week, who when asked for a very advantageous price did his sterling best and I am now paying a lot less than I did for option 1 - I am sure that those of you out there will tell me that I could have paid a lot less for another product elsewhere but I was thinking that at the end of the day it is reliable and not too expensive.

So this weekend will see me plumbing the depths of trying to fathom out how to attach an aging PC to the wireless hub or relocating the PC closer to the hub so I can wire it in. Not to mention hacking revenge on the rosebush while it exacts its revenge on me by snagging me in its thorns. Hopefully on Sunday the weather will brighten up from the grey dreek damp weather into something more springlike and I can get out for a ride.. I have a hankering for a coastal run to Norfolk or Suffolk to get breakfast by the sea but haven't yet decided on where.

In my cleaning up of one of the cupboards holding some cutlery which I have pruned, I found some very tarnished spoons and when these were cleaned up proved to be marked with the REME regimental badge.. I have 6 dessert spoons and 8 teaspoons - I can only suppose that Dad never managed to bag the knives or forks to go with them.. they have been kept, but need to find some velvet to wrap them up in to stop the tarnishing getting too bad.

The Ratz are happily tearing up sheets of newspaper used to line the floor of their cage to make a bigger nest in the hammock.. seems they actually like their new cage after all the hassle I had to put them in it the other day.. pictures will hopefully be in the not too distant future.

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