27 April 2009

Zummerzet Weekend

I had a great weekend, camping in Cheddar near Axbridge in Zummerzet to attend the BMW AGM and met a lot of old friends and some new ones as well. We arrived on the Friday afternoon after travelling down, using the Motorway for speed because we wanted to get set up on the campsite and enjoy the evening entertainment. The campsite was superb, with individual pitches having both water and power supplied as well as a dusk til dawn light, and the pathways were great for motorbikes, the gravel not being slippery at all. I even managed to get a wolf whistle from another member, only because my bike and hers are the same model and colour, when he realised he apologised... sure and isn't that always the way, never for me but for someone else :-)

Once set up we went down to the bar, which was open for residents and enjoyed a couple of drinks I had some Pear Cider and we watched while other pulled in and then set up on the fields. The meals were good, and the bar/kitchen staff absolutely brilliant. We arranged a taxi to the AGM hotel in the morning with two other members which helped to keep the costs down, and then we settled down to an evening with old/new friends.

The AGM was more entertaining than most, the entire committee was either stood down, or not elected and has now got brand new people in positions all of whom will do their best to ensure we move forward as a club and not keep harking on to the good old days. While there are good reasons to keep history important, it is also necessary to realise that bike riders and buyers are a different kettle of fish with different needs in this century and we want to keep all of them happy with the club which will see some positive changes in the year ahead. But the most important change of all was to see the club bean counter get the chop, I have come up against him in the past and it was unpleasant to deal with him so I don't regret his departure one iota.

Saturday night saw a good night in the bar, for many a reason but not least of which was a new spirit amongst the members. More beer was drunk, and we headed back to the tents with a head spinning in the cold night air; unfortunately it was so cold I couldn't sleep comfortably and had to keep getting up to go to the toilets so was glad when morning came and a hot drink.

We left the tents up to dry out before packing them away, as the sun was shining brightly as we went down to breakfast one last time. Though the site was so good, I hope we get a chance to go back to it for a club event as there were a number of interesting places nearby that would have been good for a visit.

The route home took us through Bath and back out to the motorway, we were lucky in that the rain held off so the tent was dry when packed away as were most of the stuff, just needing an airing before being stored away ready for the next rally at the Spring Bank Holiday in Rutland.

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