07 April 2009


I went out to Bedford last night to watch the Barbarians play Bedford Blues in the 82nd Mobbs Memorial match.. it was a good game, and even had a cornish connection as one of the Barbarians was a Redruth player. As I don't own a Redruth shirt, I made do with a Barbarians top but cheered both teams equally. Although it was quite nippy, it didn't rain on the game for which I was grateful but glad to get back in the car at the end of the match.

It ended up with a score of 41 to Bedford and 74 to the Barbarians, but both teams played their hearts out given it is towards the end of the main season.

Anyone know what the Mobbs Memorial match is all about? I haven't yet managed to find anything out about it or why it came about.


Asclepius said...

Edgar Mobbs was england captain in the first half of the 20th century. He died during the first world war. Attacking a machine gun post if memory serves. I think there was something special about his regiment but I cant remember what. I think he was a lieutenant colonel, I remember seeing his portrait at sandhurst when I was there in my past life(before nursing) A few years after the Mobbs Memorial Match was set up.

You're a rugby fan? I went to see the last Harlequins - Bath match (being a quins fan) and honestly the game was far more enjoyable than most of the rubbish that took place in the six nations this year.

Nicey said...

Sounds a cracking day and played in true Ba Ba's style judging by the scoreline - right I am off to find out the lineup.....


gemmak said...

Hey...glad to hear you are 'getting there' :o) Thank you for your recent comments too.