20 April 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining

My poor car was due for it's MOT last Saturday, and I had been reliably informed by the local garage that it was going to need front and rear brake discs as well as brake pads in order to pass the MOT.. just go ouch now...as they quoted in the region of £400 incl labour and vat - megaouch...

A colleague at work, knew of someone who did motorvehicle work as a hobby and gave me the number so last Tuesday I dropped her off at his house and picked her up tonight complete with a new MOT certificate and not only did he change the discs and pads but also seems to have sorted out an annoying little squeak that had developed. He proudly showed me the old, and much worn discs and how they had grooves in the back. Not too bad as it was the first major work done on her for 45,000 miles and she is in good condition for her age.

The price I paid for the work wasn't important, but I know that she is fit for another year and when I have other stuff that needs doing I will be sure to contact him for his advice and help. I also promised when I am around on the bike to go over and see him as he hasn't seen a belt drive BMW before.


Kathy G said...

You're lucky to have found someone reliable to fix your vehicle. Car repairs are always the LAST thing I want to spend money on!

Annette said...

My car is a she as well. Geoff, my hubby, laughs and asks why she is a she but I just say I know she is.
Her moods tell me she is a she, she drives well when warm in the sun but dreadful in the cold weather, coughs, f**ts,spits, just like me!!

Sage said...

I never thought about it before, this car is definitely a she whereas my first vehicle a Ford Transit van was known as Tommy. He hated me, with a vengeance and in the end Dad drove him while I drove his Montego instead. I believe Tommy had 3 changes of starter motor before I traded him for Harry who was my Peugeot 205 (he got his name because he was white and therefore was Flash Harry). Max (the motorbike) was always male right from the moment we met in the showroom.. as in Mad Max because of his looks and because I got told I was mad for getting a bike... lol