03 April 2009

Perigord Region

Zeltus's wife took me to Perigoux yesterday as I was on the hunt for some local perigourdine delicacies to take home, such as foie gras, confit de canard, cocoa dusted walnuts etc.. I hadn't visited Perigoux before, so we went there and the small streets and narrow walkways reminded me very much of York with the ginels and snickets.

After a cup of coffee, and the obligatory pastry we set off to explore the town. It is always fascinating to look into the shops and see the different objects for sale, so different to english towns and so much the same.

I managed to get some petite tins of foie gras in different styles, and in a small chocolate shop found the elusive cocoa dusted walnuts - these I brought when I first visited 4 years ago and they are lovely and not too sweet - my quest was completed with a visit to carrefour where I managed to pick up some sweets for friends etc.

Then last night, we went out to a quiz night with another ex-pat Rob, the grand prize being chocolate Easter Eggs - Cadbury's. Given the first 12 questions were on wimbledon winners I wondered if we had a hope, but after than general knowledge saw us sharpen our wits.. one question we got right, by luck more than judgement, was on which river would you find the cat and mouse castles... anyone know why this is? The answer is the Rhine if that helps, I have had a look but haven't found out why or how. We not only scooped the first prize, but managed to get the closest to the bonus question to get a fourth egg so we came home laden and happy last night.

I fly home tomorrow, it will be good to get home, to unpack and hopefully cut the grass in the garden not to mention catch up on the post and other work that will need doing, also have to prep for work next week.

On the way to the airport at Limoges we are going to call in at Oradour-Sur-Glane as I have always wanted to see it, we will only have time for a short visit but needs must.


A. said...

I've heard of Burg Katz, short for something considerably longer, on the Rhine. I have to assume there is a Burg Maus too?

You don't need a huge amount of time for Oradour. I do hope you have a good experience there. I can still hear the silence, if that makes sense.

Your week seems to have flown by.

Elaine said...

It sounds like you have had a very worth while relaxing break. What a lovely part of France you were in.

Foie gras............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

lindsayslife said...

It sounds as if you are having a lovely break :-)