19 April 2009

It works

After all the angst, of an old computer and lack of USB ports... finally I have joined the wireless set -ok it is by using an internet cable, but it is a start. If I install the disks for the wireless adaptor I may even be able to use the old desktop as a wireless computer. The speed is faster than the old basic broadband and even includes an internet phone.

While I was at it, I have replaced the old printer with a more up to date one, though the limitation of the lack of usb ports will make me go out and get a new usb hub to ensure that I can access my flash drives which I use to take work to and from the Uni.

What didn't happen was the pruning of the rosebush, which has survived another weekend, but with the light evenings and hopefully warmer weather it should have a severe pruning this week just in time for the green composting bags to be emptied next week.

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Anonymous said...

Wohoo! Welcome to the club!