21 April 2009

Warm spring days

Today I took a book out at lunchtime, sat on a picnic rug on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth.. yet a week ago it was cold, misty and very much not at all outdoor friendly. I enjoyed getting out of the office, away from the computer and all forms of technology, back into something that is pure form of escapism for me - a book.

This one is by Quintin Jardine called Fallen Gods and set in and around Scotland. Hadn't read anything by the author before, but thought it looked interesting when I saw it at the book swap on Friday last week. Needless to say, I managed 70 pages before I had to reluctantly return to work, but it sits on my desk willing me to find more time to read. Oh the joys of being a bookaholic :-)

Another book I picked up last week, was one I have always wanted to read. Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon, while I have seen glimpses of bullfighting when I was in Spain for a holiday once, it was very much something to be avoided as I didn't and still don't pretend to understand the reasoning behind seeing this as a sport - in fact I rank it up there with bull-baiting and dog-fighting ethically. However, I like Hemingway's style with words and the fact that he also kept a journal of his travels and thoughts as do I but without the style and charisma he does and so I will enjoy the book for that reason if no other.


Dark Side said...

My only problem with reading at lunchtime is I have a tendency to relax that much I go to sleep...shame the same can't be said for bedtime really.

Yes it has been a beautiful day when the lovely sea roke melted away, we do suffer a lot of that here!!..xx

A. said...

It's always good to find a new author you enjoy. Sometimes I find myself stuck in a groove.