30 April 2009


I have unashamedly 'borrowed' this image from an on-line store. It reminds me very much of my late friend, A who died 4 years ago and who was a motorcycle cop with the local police-force and he used to regale me with tales of his days with the traffic police.

His favourite pursuit car was a volvo, and one day he was out when a motorcyclist followed him so closely but didn't overtake because of it being a police car. Well this went on for a couple of minutes and eventually he stopped the car, went round to the rear and lifted the door motioning to the bike rider to open his visor.

When the rider asked what A wanted, the reply was "I thought you wanted to get in the back you were following so close" a few splutters from the biker but he was sent on his way with some good advice dealt with some humour.

A was very good natured, but that was him and his partner and he provided me with some very good advice when I decided to get a motorbike myself not to mention showing me how to ride (or rather showing me how he rode - I just followed slowly behind).

Just goes to prove that a cop is not always the bad guy, sometimes they are out to help you help yourself.


Anonymous said...

Haha, the cops are only supposed to be the bad guys for those who've done something against the law!

dickiebo said...

There undoubtedly are some good 'uns. No doubt about it. The unfortunate thing is that there now seem to be far more of the other kind! Sadly.

Relax Max said...

Cops are heros.

Relax Max said...

And ALL motorbike riders are to be revered. :)