23 April 2009

Google St George

Don't know about you, and how you feel about celebrating St George's Day, but from my perspective it is nice to seet that even Google makes an effort even if the Government does.. anyone at Google want to stand as my MP?

Happy St George's Day to everyone, a good old English Roast Beef dinner is called for however I am going out for a chinese takeaway tonight (another old english custom I believe) and having a drink of beer to wash it down with any luck.

And for those of you interested, this is the ratz new home, much easier for me to get in and clean, and get closer to them and the girlz are definitely getting a bit more confident about coming out to the door for their treats. The joy of this cage is the fact it is on wheels and allows me to move it out to the other room to enjoy some sunshine.. well it would be if it weren't in such an untidy state due to some decluttering going on.

Barney (who is the shyest of the two) is even starting to come when you call her, while Gus is turning out to be a bit of a thug where food is concerned as she will often take her treat and then beat up Barney before taking hers as well. She doesn't have it all her own way as Barney can only take so much before Gus ends up on her back and her ears proverbially boxed.


Fire Byrd said...

Interesting girls names!!!
But then who am I to talk I have an alsatain called Trixie, which is really soppy.

Dark Side said...

There always has to be a boss doesn't there?

Holly is the boss in this house and not just of Annabelle but me also...lol...xx

Asclepius said...

To be honest I learned not to be that patriotic shortly after leaving the RAF. However(and I know it sounds stupid) When those celebrities went up Kilimanjaro recently I felt a reborn surge of pride in my nation. I see the small heroism of people on a day to day basis, but for once I have seen those who get paid to represent us(and in a way thats what I feel our celebrities does(thus my hatred for lilly allen and my love for her father)) demonstrate a selfless nature(I refuse to believe that the PR potential was worth it).

St George has never meant much to me. However as a guiness drinker St Patrick's day is my favourite day of the year.