22 April 2009

Naming 'things'

I never thought about it before, but Annette posted a comment about the identity of the car being referred to as a she, well it set me thinking my current car is definitely a she whereas my first vehicle a Ford Transit van was known as Tommy.

Tommy hated me, with a vengeance he was refusing to start, misfiring, cutting out and stalling until I could take no more and in the end Dad drove him while I drove his Montego instead.

I believe Tommy had 3 changes of starter motor before I sold him for £150 pounds more than I paid for him and traded him for Harry who was my Peugeot 205 (he got his name because he was artic white and therefore was Flash Harry).

Max (the motorbike) was always male right from the moment we met in the showroom.. as in Mad Max because of his looks and because I got told I was mad for getting a bike... lol


Dark Side said...

Lol, all mine have been female especially "the bitch" which was a black 205 gti that went like shit of a stick!!..xx

Annette said...

I have had 2 cars and they have both been female. The reason is because they are both slow and cold in winter,tempermental all year round, look old and a bit tatty, and yet both could run like a bat out of hell when in the mood.
Bit like their owner actually!
And why is it that men laugh at you when you talk about her/him?