15 April 2009

Gardening Woes

Somewhere over the depths of Winter, and the late snows seems to have got into the Sage bush and some of it has died back.. So yesterday I hacked into the rest as it has a fair chance of regrowing (probably unlikely to be the same with the lavenders - which seem to have bit the dust).

It was nice yesterday in the sunshine to go round and have a look at what has survived, both my attempts at growing them and Winter's cold fingers of ice, amongst which are a new clematis, the bronze fennel, the bay tree a couple of fuschia's and some of the other plants.

The rosebush has grown rampantly over the Winter and needs pruning drastically, but it is viscious and I had enough to do yesterday without getting scratched to blazes doing that as well so it will have to wait for one evening this week.

The ratz finally moved into their new home yesterday, having had the cage up close to them and even opened the doors so they could explore (did they heck as like!) it was a forceable eviction.. Note no animals or humans were hurt in this eviction... I used a tip from one of the rat forum who said use a bag so the ratz would climb in and then move the bag from one cage to the other.. it worked though there was an awful moment when Gus was in the new cage and getting stressed while Barnie was in the old one feeling equally stressed without her buddy.. but eventually we had success and the old cage is now dismantled awaiting a new lucky owner while the ratz are getting acquainted in their new Abode complete with branches lopped off of one of the apple trees that they can knaw on to their heart's content.


Kathy G said...

I think both my sage and lavender plants didn't make it; their pots overwintered in larger pots stuffed with plenty of dead leaves for insulation. There's no sign of new growth yet, but I can buy new plants at the greenhouse cheaply.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I'd love to see some pics of the ratz in their new abode!

Bless em!