19 July 2010


Something I have noticed that is different between the Edge of the World and the Back of Beyond is the slugs.

Strange thing to notice, I know, but somethings just catch your attention and after last week's downpours the number and variety of slugs, snails etc just caught my eyes.

At the Back of Beyond after rain we were deluged with large, fat, black moist slugs (squelching underfoot if you were unlucky enough not to notice) but down here, we have a variety of colours ranging from Black to a pale fawn colour and every variety in between along with an equally huge number of snails with every pattern going.

Perhaps it is the position, further south west than the Back of Beyond, or possibly being more urban but it is truly fascinating.


Kath said...

One of my ghastliest memories is running through a park at night with my boyfreind. It was raining and all I could feel underfoot was crunch crunch of snails as we squashed them underfoot whilst running along the path- ugh!

Kathy G said...

One of the things we did when we were on vacation in Vancouver BC was walk through a nature area. At one point I saw a 6-inch long slug stretched across the path. UGH!