29 July 2010

Day trip to the Cape

I had a day out of the office yesterday, to meet up with some students, one of whom was in Penzance, another in St Ives and lastly one in St Just.

Not being familiar with the area, I asked SOH if there was anywhere to go and eat lunch before the last student of the day in St Just. He said go to Cape Cornwall.

I deliberately didn't look it up before going there, I uploaded the details on to the laptop that was needed for the student and as it wasn't far from St Just I decided to head over, even though I would only have a short time there.

It was stunning, really and the sun was shining down brightly as I enjoyed a cup of coffee, a ham roll and a banana while admiring the view from the car park at the bottom of this road.

One of the signs, stated the rocks which you can see on the left hand side look like Charles De Gaulle lying in a bath.  It took me a while, but see for yourself.

I think it was a lovely spot to enjoy, and promised myself that I would go back there to find out a little more of the history of the area.

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Jo Anne said...

Lovely pictures - I've not actually made it there yet, but it will be on the top of my list now - Thanks for sharing x