09 July 2010

Primate Floors Prime Minister

What I hear you say, well it all started on Wednesday when Pirate FM set up a link to register to ask the PM a question. I couldn't resist and put my entry in and to my surprise I was among the 100 (lucky?) people invited to meet David Cameron today and to get my question answered.

We duly turned up at a secret location, actually a car park on the edge of Newquay, passed the initial security checks (Photo ID and date of birth) and then took our seats on a bus waiting for the go ahead.

The bus took a circuitous route into Newquay, we probably could have walked but never mind, the police were checking us in against the list they had on the table, frisked by the coppers and bags checked we were alllowed to take our seats in the school hall.

David Cameron is very charismatic, and even though he wasn't always delivering the right answers he did it with a smile and we nodded in unison. I was lucky enough to ask my question which was asking about the balance between needing a skilled workforce to improve the community versus the barriers to education that stops people reskilling. It doesn't take money, but does require investment. David was very good at talking the talk, but didn't really deliver an answer to my question, the Con-Dems want to pass some of the costs on to businesses and charities but they will need funding. hmmmm.

What did make us all chuckle, and hence the title of this post, was the lady who wanted to know whether there would be a policy to protect primates which can currently be kept as household pets similar to dogs/cats etc, but for health and conservation reasons she suggested that primates shouldn't be thought of as pets. David was floored and eventually had to admit he had no idea but would have to get back to her.

I can't wait to see the papers tomorrow lol

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