07 July 2010

I took a lot of thought

This post is my 700th post on the blog, and I don't have anything witty to say, even though I have thought long and hard over what to say or post.

Life is pretty hectic at the moment, I am covering three jobs while we wait for new staff and am completely run off my feet then in the evenings I am on a new exercise regime involving ball games and walking :-) meanwhile the days are flying by and with some relief I am able at last to cook meals using an oven. Still using the steamer as I like the flavour of the veggies done in that and SOH has at long last made one of his curries, something we haven't had for a few months and it tasted gorgeous even without the peas lol.

Tonight I will be going to Praze n Beeble, such a great name don't you think?, to watch the cricket match between Rodda's and the village. Apparently this isn't your normal whites, slow handclapping type of cricket match but I will let you know.

Meanwhile the world ticks on, and thus the blog moves onerously towards the 1000 posts marker at which point in time if you haven't all died of sheer boredom I will host a giveaway of all things cornish.


Kath said...

I like to read about peoples ordinary lives and their little bits of news. This chit chat is the fabric of our day to day lives, I suppose it's the sort of thing that we natter about with family, work colleagues and freinds, over a cup of coffee. So, dont worry about being "witty", I find your escape to Cornwall and tales of your country life, endlesly interesting, and I'm sure your other Blog freinds do too :D

Bernard said...

Kath's right you know. Years ago people chatted over the garden fence, stopped in the street to pass the time of day and chatted to you on the bus to work. Today, very little of this remains.
So, we read each others blogs and lose ourselves into others worlds.
Escape to Cornwall.
Just a dream.
Congratulations on that magnificent blog total. Especially the Saturday satire which I wouldn't miss for the world. :D
Bernard xxx