17 November 2009

Sergeant Howie RIP

I can remember the first time I watched the Wicker Man and the eventual death of Sergeant Howie played admirably by Edward Woodward who himself died yesterday. The world has lost a great actor and personality and although his memories will live on in celluloid and our minds, there must be a great hole in his family's life and that will be much harder for them to fill.

Mr Woodward, was in films from 1955 right up until his last appearance in EastEnders, but my favourite of all times was the Wicker Man. Yes it was a horror, had witchcraft, death etc and had sexual scenes with Brit Ekland in it. I would think it was cutting edge of what was permitted in 1973 and to a teenage girl it was an eye-opener.

I loved him as the Equaliser, and a part he played to perfection tough but fair and I hope that he knows how much people admired him.

I laughed at his performance in Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg, you couldn't help laugh at this film, it was black comedy at its very best and I think drew a little on the Wicker Man film.

RIP Edward Woodward, RIP


Bill Parker said...

Breaker Morant

One of the best films ever made, based (loosely, as ever) on a perfectly true story and, Callan aside, this has be to EW's tribute work.

Peruby said...

I'm going to have to get this movie from Netflix and watch it. Having only seen the one with N Cage in it (gag).

Sage said...

@Peruby, definitely worth getting the original film. I like nicolas cage but not when the original was so good. Have visited the film sites a couple of years ago and makes you feel a part of it.