13 November 2009

Bi-Lingual - Right or Wrong

Cornwall decided on Wednesday that in future the county of Cornwall is to officially become a bi-lingual part of Britain, with all street signs appearing in two languages similar to that which is used in Wales.

So in the future when an old street or place sign needs replacing the new one will have both languages on it including the ones on the border from Devon will now read 'Kernow a'gas dynnergh' - or 'Welcome to Cornwall'

Of course not everyone agreed with the decision, but that is democracy in action for you and it is more widespread than just changing the street signs, the decision to go bi-lingual calls for Cornwall County Council to recognise the county's distinctive culture and the place of the Cornish language as a unique cultural asset and asks for it to be promoted in line with the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

I'm glad of this, to see a revival in the ancient language of Cornwall is always going to be a good thing to keep old ways and traditions alive particularly in the light of the European Union trying to make us all one Europe.


Bernard said...

I find I have a split view on this sort of thing. On the one hand I agree with preserving our heritage and do not want to see things die out; then on the other hand why do the Cornish and the Welsh need their road signs in their own language?
Perhaps years ago there were some who only spoke Welsh, but not today. If there are any who cannot read English, how do they manage when they drive in England?
No, not road signs please. It is a lot of unnecessary expense. In other areas maybe.

Relax Max said...

Where I live, "bi-lingual" is a way of life. Or multi-lingual. I wish you luck in your resurrection of a proud language which I admit I was not familiar with. It will be a joy for me to try and research it!

I'm sure the signs are not so much that people need them, but that it will make many people feel good inside. I'm all for doing that. :)

A. said...

Are they offering lessons in school? Because I think that really is the key. I agree that our heritage should be preserved but I tend to agree also with Kippers Dickie that road signs are unnecessary.

The trouble with Europe being involved is that they will start publishing all their multitude of lengthy documents in Cornish, employing a translator at enormous expense.