13 November 2009


Freedom is something we take for granted, yet it is a funny thing, it can mean something different to a number of people.

Today Traction Man gets freedom from hospital, and has left the traction behind but his freedom will be limited by his mobility for a little while; still at least the food will improve no end thanks to Mrs TM.

Jo from Life in Windermere, is free from her Gall Bladder at long last and hopefully free of the pain that went along with the little blighter as well.

Others are less free, I won't link to them but some of the blogs I visit either occasionally or daily are limited by their choices, (and not always listed in my weblinks) or by their needs and my hope is that they too find some happiness in their lives.

So my toast to you today, is freedom, may it give you joy and happiness and memories.


Eliza said...

Yes we can all feel "trapped" by aspects of our lives, there are things I feel trapped by, but I think most of my walls are imagined or self inflicted. Others are less fortunate.

Relax Max said...

There are all kinds of freedoms just as there are all kinds of prisons of the self-inflicted kind. Yes, I'll drink to freedom.