09 November 2009

I Can't Abide Duplicity

I struggle to understand people who say one thing and mean another, either you mean what you say or you say what you mean is the right way.

There are too many instances of the former and not the latter in this country, but a prime example was that on last night's X-factor, don't get me wrong, I hate the programme but I always tune in for those last few moments to see who gets voted off and why and how.

This year's motley crew of aspiring stars are going to struggle out there in the real world, and I loathe the audition stage where humiliation seems to rank high; now it is at the level of the finalists leaving and the two jackasses of John and Edward who believe they can sing (they can but very badly) and buffoon their way through some classic songs were given a straight pass through to the next stage after going up against Lucie (who can sing beautifully if not necessarily rock star material).

How did this happen, well Louis voted for his act (obviously), Dannie and Cheryl voted for Lucie which meant that Simon only had to vote for her and Jedward as they are known would be back to the real world. After all his statements about their lamentable singing, dancing and buffoonery, how he disliked them personally and professionally and threatened to leave these shores if they won (can we wave goodbye to you now Simon?) you would think it was an easy decision for him and instead he decided to let it go to a public vote which ensured the more talented singer went home and it was clear that Lucie knew that even before the results were read out.

This is a travesty of an honest competition, for whatever reason Simon Cowell has for seeing these two buffoons continue on, it certainly won't be for their voices and for the unsuccessful competitors to go out against them it must be a huge disappointment.

Please let it get back to being a competition for a good singer, someone who stands a chance of making the big time otherwise you stand a good chance of losing public support for the programme.


Eliza said...

Oh I so agree, very disappointing, but not particularly suprising.

dickiebo said...

YOU MUST NOT TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY, m'dear! Most of them are a joke and they all have their 5 minutes of fame! I would have thought that was obvious from the judges who are there; Danni - clearly not suitable for in telligent opinion; Cheryl; Good-looking gal who probably thanks the Good Lord that she can sing, as otherwise, when she opens her mouth...............; Louis; Simply a silly old man; and Simon; Don't want to upset you but.....I like him!!!!!
Now. Have a cuppa and forget about these nasty people!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Have come to have a look! Will be back. Fascinated that you blog so often. (something that I've written about in a future Sunday Roast.) Smashing blog, though, Have trawled through a bit and found it all interesting. re cooking, my wife is a coeliac, ever done any coeliac recipes?

Sage said...

@Eliza.. I knew there was a good reason I hadn't watched many programmes like this before and won't be in future.

@Dickiebo... having a cuppa as we speak..lol thanks for bringing me back down to earth.

@Grumpy old Ken, thanks for stopping by wasn't intending to post everyday, but it got very addictive... have found a lovely recipe for chocolate cake... one of my favourites but let me try it first...xx

Kath said...

...think I'll stick to Radio 4, can't go wrong with the Archers :D

Sorrow said...

hmmm I am assuming this is Tv talk? I think the concept of saying what you mean and doing what you say has been tarnished forever by ludicrous TV and it's mind mushing tripe.
sorry, my fervant 2 cents.