12 November 2009

Free Hugs

Today is Guinness World Records Day and in honour of this commuters hugged each other for one minute to set a new world record at a central London railway station.

The 122 people, many of them strangers, hugged each other at St Pancras station while, a Guinness spokesman confirmed the record afterwards he said: "People were a little bit nervous but at the last minute everyone sprung into action."

I always like a good news story, and perhaps the move will spread.... after all we all like a hug every now and again


dickiebo said...

Huh! Knowing my luck, I'd get ..........(put your own pet hate here!!!)...Harriet Bloody Harman!

Sage said...

@dickiebo.. well what do you think us chapesses have a choice of? Blair, Brown, Clegg, Cameron, Griffin.. personally I think I would rather hug a snake lol xx

Kath said...

Hmm, this made me think. I care for elderly and they love us to give a little hug or to hold their hand. The drivers who transport them, also put an arm round the old ladies and greet us with a kiss on the cheek. Its all innocent and no-one minds (quite the opposite). I have now been told there will be NO HUGGING allowed, kissing or hand holding. We all think its quite sad.

Sage said...

@ Kath I didn't come from a very huggy family, or at least that was my perception. When SOH and I got together his family were very close and I got used to being hugged, I felt as though it was something I had been missing. I think we should have a national hug day with an appropriate badge to ensure we are not taken for perverts... what do you think?