29 October 2009

YoTs - Updated with new information

What makes a YoT 'Youf of Today' believe that it was cool to stamp on a puppy's head and kill it?

April had only put Sandy down for a minute and curiosity made the pup run over to the group of teenage boys who stamped on her with such force that her tiny skull was fractured. I can't think of a more callous act against a helpless creature, or the pain it would have inflicted on her young owner.

I hope that the local police catch up with them, but nothing will erase that memory from April's mind though I hope she takes solace with her family and get a new pup soon to fill the aching gap of Sandy's death.

Update :

An inquiry into the "kicking to death" of a 10-week-old puppy has ended after police found the animal had died from a virus and showed no sign of injury.

The Jack Russell was being walked by its owner, a 15-year-old girl, in Priory Park, St Neots, on Monday, when the RSPCA said it was attacked.

An RSPCA spokeswoman had called the attack "shocking and sickening".

But Cambridgeshire Police have now ended their investigation after veterinary tests.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said the charity had been informed of the ending of the investigation.

She said the first vet consulted had told the RSPCA that the dog's condition was consistent with the account given by the puppy's owners of the attack.

She said anyone with more information or any witnesses should contact the RSPCA.

I can remember thinking that a 10 week old puppy really shouldn't be walked in the park, before its innoculations had been done, but I would hope that they didn't make up the story of the attack to cover their actions.


Kippers Dickie said...

Outrageous...Absolutely outrageous, but I'm afraid you will find the police have far more pressing things to do, usually concerning motorists.

Eliza said...

OMG, I've just seen this on the news as I was reading your post. Its appalling.I just dont understand the mentality, but like Kippers said, no one will be caught. I just hope Karma catches up with them.

Girl*Next*Door said...

A friend of mine rescued a Yorkshire Terrier pup who she witnessed being used as a football by a group of teenage boys. They were laughing at the pups yelps & screams & thought the blood also was funny.

My friend dived in & grabbed the pup & sadly, he was blinded by the kicking he'd recieved but despite that he lived a long life with my friend. I think he lived to about 15/17.

Sage said...

@ Kippers, Eliza and GND - I was glad to hear that April has been given another puppy a cousin to Sandy. I still find it completely alien to me to understand their motives, reminds me of the boys that used to pull the wings off flies and butterflies 'for fun' trouble is they will grow up into adults thinking same..

I think because it hit such national headlines and the rspca are also behind it that there is a good chance the YoT's may be found, whether they will be adequately punished will be a different matter entirely.