15 October 2009

The Cold Bites

I have returned from Cornwall with a lovely beautiful cold.. I have a red nose (just don't call me Rudolf lol), a head full of cotton wool, a throat that feels like it is coated in sandpaper and my ears keep blocking up... but apart from that this is my first cold in about 18 months so I will put up with it for the 7 days or so that it takes to go and wish it well...

It does have one drawback, in that they have postponed my flu shots until the cold has gone, so I had to reschedule it but luckily the swine flu doesn't seem to be causing as many problems as the bigwigs thought it might.

And just when I want to curl up in front of a nice fire, with some trash on television to keep me company.. the tv companies have put nothing on I want to watch... sigh.. roll on the weekend.


Eliza said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Kathy G said...

I felt like I was getting a cold last night, but (thank goodness) an allergy medicine tablet made the symptoms go away.

I hate being sick!