30 October 2009

Wastage this weekend

For those of you who will buy pumpkins just for the ability to carve them and put candles in them on Saturday, please consider using the flesh rather than wasting it..

I don't celebrate Halloween though if the neighbours children want to tuck into some sweets that's fine by me though I don't like the idea of playing tricks as these can get out of hand with eggs being thrown and as a result being banned from sale at this time.. I know bit of a killjoy really...lol

Instead I see 31st October as Samhain (pronounced so wain) as Summers End, a time when we formally suspend the sun and warmth of Summer together with their harvests and head into the chills of wintertime brrrh.

I have been busy trying to come up with some useful ways of utilising the flesh and seeds..

Seeds, you can bake them in the oven for a tasty snack, try sprinkling on some spices to pep them up a bit. To see how to do this go to this site and prepare for some ooey-gooeyness from Ginny Larsen

Steam the flesh of the pumpkin and blitz in a food processor along with some stock (either vegetable or chicken) and then serve with crispy bread rolls - you can spice it up with chilli or with curry spice to give more depth.

Or you could do an Asian Chicken recipe or my personal favourite and one to try is these gorgeously moist Chocolate Brownies


Chapati said...

Good idea! Pumpkin seeds are really nice, and so expensive to buy, and pumpkin soup is delicious!

Unfortunately we don't carve pumpkins...

Kathy G said...

When my boys were young, every year they'd talk me into roasting the pumpkin seeds. It's quite difficult getting them completely clean, and the seeds never seemed to have substantial kernels. After a month or so, I'd dump the whole batch in the compost pile.

I don't carve pumpkins anymore; instead I put them out whole, then cook them the next day and freeze the flesh to make our Thanksgiving pies in late November.

Kennyo said...

I carved a pumpkin tonight and tried the seeds.....Mmmmmmm they turned out good, thanks....

The flesh maybe next time...lol

I'll have to stop over to your place for some treats too....lol

Relax Max said...

Sigh. Carve them, Sage. Actually, I have long ago bought fake pumpkins with light bulbs in them. But I remember the carving. :)