16 October 2009

Friday... at last

A whole weekend of work awaits.. the shed clearance stuff needs to be sorted into two piles, the stuff to give given away on freecycle and the remainder to be sent to the skip...

The garden needs a tidy up, the leaves swept, a new branch for the rats to run up and down on and to chew... though the old one is still good for a little while longer it will be good for them to have another one in standby.

There is some painting still to be done, mainly gloss work and a few fiddly bits that need addressing.. the majority of packing has been done, just the stuff needed for day-to day is still in the house..

The sale is progressing slowly, my buyers have now had an offer on their house, but their buyer has only just put theirs on the market... which means sadly the bungalow in Cornwall is now in doubt as they want to see movement.. still it was a risk that at the time was worth taking.. now I think we will see what is available when there is time ahead and when the contracts have been exchanged.. the option to put the stuff all into storage was always on the cards and means as cash buyers we will be in a very strong position to move quickly.. always look on the bright side.. as the more sombre side is not as good...

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