06 October 2009

Passing it On

Copied from Leanne at Somerset Seasons

1) Never in my life: will I take up skydiving... not for me

2) When I was five: I had already moved three times

3) I will never forget: the memories of my mum and dad

4) By noon I'm usually: thinking about what to have for lunch

5) Last night I: made a chicken stir-fry

6) If only I had: made the right choices when I was 20

7) There's a person I know: who can charm people with the greatest of ease

8) When I turn my head left, I see: my colleagues at their desk

9) When I turn my head right, I see: my whiteboard with a long list of tasks

10) You know I'm lying when: I cannot look you in the face because it is a dead giveaway that I am lying

11) By this time next year I: will be living in Cornwall

12) I hope that: we still have a world for the children of tomorrow

13) I have a hard time understanding: how some people can have so much and others so little - when did the world stop sharing and caring?

14) My favourite thing is: my motorbike Max

15) The world could do without: Celebrities in all the tv programmes, whatever happened to developing drama and programmes which entertained instead of paying out massive sums of money to people who are neither entertaining nor good at the task be it dance, cooking, or jumping through walls.

What about yours... if you also do this.. link back to me and let me know...

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