13 October 2009

Why should MP's be treated differently

Apparently the MP's who govern this country (hmmm????) don't like the idea of paying back their expenses which were either unjustly claimed, or paid by mistake(?)... apparently they feel that this is unfair and they shouldn't have to pay anything back at all.

Tell that to the benefit claimants, who were mistakenly overpaid by a government error and forced to pay it back no matter their personal circumstances... many of whom were not in a position of having spare money at the best of times but weren't given the choice believing that the payments were correct at the time.

So tell me, why did we vote for these people and when will they be resigning their positions as surely they have made their position untenable?

I for one believe that the people who put themselves forward for these positions in power, should be above reproach and beyond theft, for that was what occurred, and unlike most thieves have been given an opportunity to pay it back rather than face the justice of the courts..

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