12 October 2009

A long weekend

Saw me take a trip down to Cornwall on Thursday afternoon after a teaching session, and arrive 5 1/2 hours later, tired and drained.. but had an interview at 08.30am Friday morning. A quick trip to McD's had some very salty chips... a good chat with a local copper who was buying a McFlurry... and then off to bed.

Got up at 6.00am and did some final preparations for the interview... run through the presentation I had to give, and psyche myself up for it... Arrived nice and promptly for the interview which seemed to go well until the end when I realised that they had asked nothing about what I could add to the job.. hmmm not a good sign.. feedback later from HR stated I was a strong candidate, had done a great job on the presentation which had been well researched just that there was a better candidate.. Not being stupid I quickly realised that they probably had someone in mind already and I was just making up the numbers... I just wish they were more honest in interviews.

Had a good weekend, got the kittens wearing their collars, Piran just chilled out and looked gorgeous.. Saffy went ballistic and tried to attack the collar but the family are good and will persevere as it was felt better to leave them there rather than unsettle them by moving them twice.. not something I necessarily agree with 100% but easier to go along with rather than to insist upon.

Yesterday saw the long drive back (it always seems to be longer coming back), not helped by having a bad headache en-route, which seemed to make me more tired than ever at the end... I just brought in the bits from the car that needed refridgeration.. everything else waited until this morning.. then a few tablets, a hot water bottle and bed.. all by 8pm...


A. said...

How soul-destroying it is when you realise you've been there only to make up numbers. It's very hard indeed to out-perform an internal candidate. Better luck next time. It'll all fall into place in the end.

sally-ann said...

Mike once went for an interview for a teaching post in Cornwall - we were living in Surrey at the time. It was a long haul down only to find out that he was making up the numbers as the job was given to the local milkman's wife! No doubt she was going to get the job all along but they had to be seen to be fair and so called in another candidate. It's not right to get your hopes up when you don't stand a chance. Shouldn't be allowed!! I'm sure you'll be lucky soon x