21 October 2009

Update on the ratz

Thought I would catch you up on the news of the ratz..

Gus and Barnie have really settled in, rarely now do you get a nip (or even a bite) from them now, though I am still more cautious with Barnie as her eyesight is so poor that with her it is more of a retaliation than vicious.

They both usually wait at the doorway to their cage first thing in the morning for their breakfast treat which might be anything from a cracker, a dog biscuit or even piece of pasta... in the evening we usually spend time playing while Gus chatters to me asking (pleading even) for her yoghurt drop which is usually forthcoming...

Gus is happy to come out and sit on my shoulders while I clean the shelves and the rest of the cage, Barnie on the other hand is more reserved and will sit quite happily in her hammock while I do this.. I don't mind at all as it is hard enough to control one rat without two running around.

Their favourite treat of all time is cheese, they don't get this very often.. as it is full of fat and bad calories... but they have come to know and love their yoghurt drops, with dried coconut as their other favourite..

Most of my visitors, viewing the house, have been very positive about the ratz even going so far as to praise them.... which is opposite to most peoples views when you tell them you have pet rats..

Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures, but I have to be a bit careful.. don't want to scare them..


~An9eL~ said...

Isn't it amazing how we can communicate so well with animals without even speaking the same language?

Sometimes I wonder whether it is words that is bringing people apart...

THanks for all the comments you leave in my blog, they always make my day when I read them :) (As you know, i don't get a lot of comments :p )

Eliza said...

Looking forward to seeing some photos :-)

Kathy G said...

Did you get a chance to make banana chips for the ratz? Interested to know how they turned out.

Alison said...

Glad to hear they are doing ok. My poor old Gilbert is looking a bit sad these days, heading into extreme old age. He loves his beetroot sticks and banana chips though :)