25 October 2009

Fictional Fear

I used to be absolutely scared stiff of watching Doctor Who, I remember peering out from behind the sofa in sheer terror at hearing the music yet drawn to the tv to ensure that the Doctor made it through the episode, particularly if the Daleks were involved (please note that I was only about 5 or 6 at the time).

I used to be an avid fan of Hammer House of Horror films, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee specialists in conferring fear into their watchers... but it was still good fun to watch as it wasn't so realistics as today's horror films such as Saw etc.

Nothing on television has been quite as terrifying as the above that is until the advent of Harper's Island which was shown recently on BBC3 and I watched it on the BBC Iplayer for which thank you very much BBC as I watched it with the same sort of fear as I had during my childhood.

The story is based on the wedding of Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington, which takes place in Harper's Island. Abby Mills, one of the guests is still haunted about the murders on the island that happened seven years before, caused by John Wakefield.

The murders are particularly shocking and horrific, and starts from the very beginning of the first episode until the last moment... and holds you enthralled as to who was the murderer and what are the connections between the victims.

If you like a good murder mystery, being scared witless and great scenery (it was filmed on Bowen Island - Canada) then do try and catch this series if it is repeated near you... and enjoy the fear.. just remember it is fictional and don't have nightmares..


dickiebo said...

Interesting to see you mention Bowen's Island. When I first started 'surfing', I googled our family name - Bowen - and came upon Bowen Island. I then went on to learn quite a bit about the place.
"So what", I hear you say. lol.

Joanne said...

WOW thanks for the heads up, I wish I had not missed it on the TV now, I'll def look out for it next time it's shown x

Eliza said...

Oh I watched that too! I used to hide behind the sofa when watching Dr Who, and anything that was scary, still had to watch though

Sage said...

@dickiebo, what a coincidence.. though you probably don't want to watch Harpers Island to see the island in the macabre deathfest.... but it does look a lovely place.

Sage said...

@Joanne, Eliza

Can thoroughly recommend this programme... as scary as it was it was also extremely well done...but not overdone...