06 May 2009


Had a migraine following the bank holiday Monday, no warning except the sort of pain that accompanies your worst nightmares and a reluctance to face any sort of light whatsoever. Unluckily I have the sort of migraines that don't follow being sensitive to triggers, so in some ways this is good as I can eat most things without fear, but the bad thing is you don't really know why they happen.

A couple of happy pills, and a few hours sleep, saw the worst of it over and done with. I am lucky in that I rarely get the sort of visual disturbances that some migraine suffers have to deal with though I did end up feeling very spaced out and as a consequence when I did go downstairs it was to sit on the couch and relax. I find that my concentration is shot for about 24-36 hours after an attack.

It's also never a good time to try and interact me in a conversation as my brain and tongue seem weirdly uncoordinated and even if I can remember the right word, my mouth and tongue seem unable to process the information and I stutter over the simplest of words.

So back at work, my PC was rebuilt last week, and yet nothing seems to work correctly ending up with me uninstalling Office versions 2003 and 2007 to correct a problem and then reinstalling just 2007... hopefully now things will run a bit more smoothly.

On a more interesting note, Gus is turning out to be more of a beaver than a rat, she spent the previous evening taking all the bark off of the apple tree branch I had put in her cage and is now busy gnawing it into a sharp point - I'm just glad there isn't a water supply in the cage.

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