08 May 2009

As I sit here

The rain is lashing down against the windows, so much for officially being Summer?

They are forecasting a hot summer, well after last year anything would be better than that.. another wet Summer combined with the current economy, the general doom and gloom of the news would give most people the heebie jeebies.

So on a more positive note, I am hoping that the bank holiday at the end of the month is warm and dry for the Rutland Rally, held by our BMW Midland Section where I will again be camping (though friends have promised to take along an extra blanket in their caravan for me lol) this time, unlike the last camp, I will take my fleece liner for the sleeping bag and hope I stay a little warmer overnight.

Then, in June we have a holiday booked in Cornwall, aiming to go by bike to see Geevor mine, visit Carn Brae and catch up with family and friends. It will be a long journey down, but the accomodation is a B&B so at least will have somewhere to rest when we arrive.

Am really looking forward to staying in Portreath, it is somewhere I have always felt at home in and if I could afford it I would buy a house there; sadly unless the numbers turn up on the lottery that will never happen this side of eternity. This picture is of Gull rock and it is possible (apparently) to swim out and around it.. may not do it on this trip but planning on having a dip in the sea at least.

The sun was shining when we took this picture of Gull rock, though the wind was cold as it was at the end of March/beginning of April last year. Since then we had made a number of visits to Portreath, and each time it was like walking into familiar surroundings; can you fall in love with a place and not know why?

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