29 May 2009

Its going to be

This weekend is going to be a beautiful weekend, one to sit back with friends and chill over a glass or two of cold wine..

BUT its not going to be my weekend for doing that, no sirree I am going to be busy getting stuff ready for collection on Monday when Emmaus come for their furniture. This week I have been busy going through the shelves in the 'study' and getting rid of old OU materials, some of which I promised I would do when I had a moment and never will now so they have gone for recycling. The shelves will be coming down so I can reuse them later on.

I hope to start some decorating after a little break when Max and I are going for a few days out to enjoy the sunshine and good weather - note please that when I plan something like this usually the weather gods interpret this as a mechanism for thunderstorms, downpours and any other type of unpleasant weather so I don't expect too much from this break.

It does mean that posts are going to be bit sparse, as it will depend on internet access.. oh how I wished I had gone mobile broadband, but a bit too late now.. never mind.. the saturday satire posts will be there to amuse and I am sure I will manage something to come on line automatically to share with you some of the pearls of wisdom that have escaped the decluttering process so far.

Hope you all have a great weekend, don't get too sunburnt

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