04 May 2009

An old one

Today is star wars day.. why? you may wonder... prepare to groan...

May the 4th be with you

And a typical bank holiday monday, dank and dreary, though we are luckier than most, as being in the back of beyond the rain that northern England and Scotland are having today makes the weather here look sub-tropical by comparison. Did I really hear the mention of snow in yesterday's forecast?

No matter, it is a holiday, and I am working hard.. trying to declutter nearly 40 years of rubbish sorry important pieces of life history such as walking stick badges, photographs, napkin rings etc is a challenging one and one I don't always relish but it needs to be done and failing that even if the sun were shining I would be out in the garden weeding away trying to make inroads into Winters lingering grip.

How are you guys spending your bank holiday, don't know if the US/Aussie readers have a similar holiday but if not commiserations.


dickiebo said...

Back and fore to the rubbish dump with much accumulated junk! (And upsetting 'B' by NOT going to the store to buy more curtains!!!)

Kathy G said...

No holiday in the US (sigh!)

At this time of year it's hard to know if the inside or outside jobs should be tackled first. The perennial bed is long overdue for a cleaning and its hard to keep on top of the grass in between the rain showers. However, my indoor list is immense too.

Kippers Dickie said...

I have to admit that being retired, one wet Monday is like any other wet Monday!
But...I have a nice cosy workshop where I can always find something to do.

dickiebo said...

Please do visit my blog and collect your Award.