26 May 2009

Big Decisions

I have made some big decisions, the house is in the process of decluttering, soon to be decorated and then up on the market it goes.

I hope to be out of here by end of July (August as the latest) and then a new life awaits in Cornwall. Frankly I would have been happier not to have come back after a good weekend down South-West, but I have commitments that need to be met and can only be done if I came back and finished what I had started.

We went over to Portreath on Sunday, after visiting Pool market and sat by the Pepperpot up on the cliff top and talked logistics and lots of other stuff while we were enjoying the hot and bright sunshine along with a sandwich and a bottle of tango.

I have to visit the mortgage people while I am up here, to talk about the sale of the house and how to buy down there but hopefully have come up with a plan of renting the one that is to be bought (subject to the price of this one to be sold and the asking price of the other).. failing that then asking to rent while I negotiate on another one. Though I did like the one I saw on Friday last week, and it isn't too big nor too small and therefore quite manageable.

Andrea of Ezy-Move in Redruth was extremely nice and gave me a few other property details, and I got the distinct impression that she would make the move much easier for me with regards local properties.

The job agencies I spoke to in Truro were very positive about my work opportunities, though I need to be down there to be in with a chance, so it does very much look as though I will be leaving without a permanent job to go to which is quite scary, but not as scary as working for an employer that makes me unhappy for the rest of my working life. I would rather be poorer and closer to the breadline than richer in money and poorer in quality of life.

So all I have to do now is work hard, and make the dream a reality... watch this space..


Dark Side said...

Wow, don't you let the grass grow under your feet, go for it it's what you want and need, I truly admire you for following your instincts..xx

atravellingspouse said...

Good for you - follow that dream! Otherwise you'll always wonder, what if...?