19 May 2009


Thanks to A for her tip off, and a colleague in work I have resolved the issue of the 6ft tall bookcase, and a lot of other furniture at the same time; it is being all collected on 1st June in the afternoon which will then mean I will be able to address all the issues of decorating as I will be able to see the walls without all the furniture being in the way.

Not only that, I have a feel-good-factor, as the Emmaus project (which has a local project nearby in Carlton, Beds) helps homeless people by providing employment as well as trading in furniture and bric-n-brac to provide much needed funds. This makes me feel better than having to hire a skip to throw it all away and in order to downsize I need to get rid of a lot of the clutter...

Still more to go as the contents of the cupboard still need to be gone through for things to keep and things to dispose of; lots of memories to go through and to let go of I think as I don't need tangible 'things' to keep the memories alive but I do need the space they occupy and I don't want to take them down to Cornwall only to gather dust.


Dark Side said...

Pleased to hear you managed to get rid, are Emmaus a hospice too?


Dark Side said...

Answered my own question...homeless project, good call..xx

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that's worked out!

Nicey said...

Yeah agree with ya just take what you need, dump the rest its a fresh start innit