14 May 2009


I have just read on Old Age is a Bitch that Elaine has passed away, aged only 67 yesterday in hospital.

I will miss her funny stories, her recipes and hearing about Enid who is TBSITW not to mention Oldest son and the grandchildren.

Elaine is one of those people who is interesting on so many levels, and I think will be missed dreadfully by her family and her friends and that includes me.

God Bless you Elaine, may all your health issues be washed away now you have gone home to the Lord.


A. said...

How terribly sad. Elaine has been one of my most loyal friends for quite some time. I will miss her so very much, as we all will, but my heart goes out to her family too.

dickiebo said...

And so say all of us.
Elaine really did seem to be one of the family. Like others, I shall miss her dreadfully.

Alison said...

Oh no, I was just reading about Elaine on A's blog, how sad.

Elaine said...

Thank you, Sage, for saying such kind things about Elaine. Reading comments such as these is like a warm blanket wrapped round me and her family.

Annette said...

Totally agree sage, I always thought of her as a very warm older sister. Someone I could turn to if needed.
She will be missed, god bless her.