27 May 2009

Right out of wisdom today

Do you ever get one of those days when you prefer to coast rather than sail. When you want to just do rather than invent? When you want someone to make you tea, rather than you have to do it? I am having one of those days today, I call it an 'Out of Wisdom' day. Yes I know I could do it, but I just don't want to.. no matter how wise it would be.

I want to sit on the sofa watching the goggle box, but I won't enjoy it. I am enjoying in a strange way, the sifting through of objects in the cupboards, remembering the day that the object/photo/book was purchased and deciding what I can keep and what has to go..

Yet the piles seem as big as ever, despite the 'stuff' that has already gone to freecycle, to the bookswap, to friends and aquaintances, I know by the end of this weekend that I will have made a considerable hole in the process, and then on Monday afternoon I should see a whole vanload of 'things' (furniture and bric-a-brac) leave for Emmaus which will give me back my carport (hopefully). Then I can start to take down the shelves, take out the hooks for hanging pictures and start to decide which are going to move with me and which are still to be disposed of.

We had a habit of collecting pictures and therefore frames but there is a limit as to how many I can keep and where therefore they should go. Some of the stuff will be kept for Zeltus, probably most of the photo's with the exception of one or two and hopefully in the future we might be able to scan them in and then put them in a digital photoframe instead of dustily on a wall.

Then the fun of packing starts, the breakable objects are going to be stored by a family friend, so that when the move finally takes place they are already safely packed and stored away from the removal process.

As much as possible, I want to have the house packed with as few posessions on show as possible, giving the future purchasers the ability to move in as soon as they can.. anything to speed the process up with one exception.. I have to get the right price for the house otherwise the property market in Cornwall is going to be very limited for my budget.


Dark Side said...

I am going packing for my sister tomorrow she is in the process of moving out of her house to a rented one prior to the kids finishing their school year and then they are off to Aberdeen.

That bit still hasn't sunk in yet but she is getting really frustrated because so much is going straight up to Aberdeen to go in storage but the problem she has is what to move into this new house for only a couple of months.

Should be a fun day tomorrow all round...

Good luck with your sale...xx

Nicey said...

De cluttering is good, I am sure that it will help sell the house, I guess it depends how long your prepered to sit out for,

Have you thought about renting it out ???