12 May 2009


I am putting a lot of the unwanted clutter on freecycle... someone else's junk is another man's treasure and saves me the hassle of getting rid of things if someone else can take them off my hands.

So videos, audiocassettes (yes I still had some of these), blank tapes, furniture, printer, school desk, sideboard etc.. have all been listed and I am not done yet.

The bookcases have been pruned drastically, my aim is to go down from 3.5 large bookcases + the study to 1 large bookcase and a smaller one.

I have plans to take cuttings of some of the plants and transplant others to containers to take with me, I have to keep it limited so the Bay tree, myrtle and fuschia will be transplanted along with the lilac and hopefully the californian dwarf lilac. while cuttings will be taken of the clematis.. anyone know how to do that - any advice gratefully received.

I have to fill in the hole in the garden though, I am tempted to replant the container back in, and refill it with water to not have to do the work.

I have masses of painting and decorating to do, and being scared of heights gives me the heeby jeebies about doing some of it but I am hoping that some friends will give me a hand.

I don't feel bad about selling the house, I had always maintained that I didn't want roots here as it was where my parents chose to live; it was never mine. I found my roots were in Cornwall, and that is where I need to be, yes I will be sad to leave as it will not be possible to come back if everything goes pear-shaped but then again it will be my third attempt at leaving (prior I left to go to London and then Bedford) so perhaps third time lucky.

The list is endless, but I feel it has a purpose and I want not to be here but down in Cornwall sooner rather than later so it has to be done.


Chapati said...

Haha I'm clearing my house out too (just cos it was a mess really; post about it coming up once I've found time to finish it) and you're so right about one mans clutter/another man's treasure!

Good luck with the move, I hope it goes well. Cornwall is absolutely beautiful :-)

Kathy G said...

Good luck to you. Here in the States, it's a not so good time to sell a house (but a fabulous time to buy).

Dark Side said...

Good luck and hope you manage to sell the house and secure employment quickly.

To answer your question over at mine, yes it was Prince2 that I passed, it does appear to have be devalued by our trust though due to the amount of non project staff taking it.

Hope you manage to do it at some point..xx

Joanne said...

It would be great to see you down here - good luck with the move x

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disa said...
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