16 February 2009

The Victorian Farm

I was sad last week to have watched the last programme in the series The Victorian Farm an eagerly awaited sequel to Tales from the Green Valley which was shown in 2005.

I welcomed back Peter, Ruth and Alex to another period of farming history, they don't just tell you about it, but actually live in it and if I ever had the chance I would jump at the opportunity to join in with them so fast that they might find themselves a hand missing.

The first series Tales from the Green Valley was set in a Welsh farmhouse in Tudor times andwas of twelve thirty minute long programmes and each covering a month of the farming life. Unfortunately due to Health and Safety restrictions they were not allowed to live at the farm but had to live in accommodation nearby.

But the joy of the Victorian period was that they could live and be the farmers of the day, even down to the animals and machinery and food. Ruth's domain was the house and dairy, while the lads Alex and Peter managed the farmwork with the help of specialist people such as the blacksmith, the printer, the ploughman, the beekeeper etc.

I think because it was so recent that the people advising on the use of the machinery and how things were done, were still using some of this equipment in the 1930's when my Dad was helping out on Charlie Well's farm just down the hill.

The only shame about it, was the fact that it was only 3 episodes long, admittedly of one hour in length but both SOH and myself thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to visit Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, where the series was filmed and I know they do courses there as well.

Don't know whether there will be another programme quite like this, but I hope they do as it is far more entertaining that most reality programmes. I for one have had enough of :
  • I'm a celebrity anything
  • Big Brother, celebrity or joe bloggs from the street.
  • Dancing, Ice or Ballroom
  • Celebrity Conductors
What happened to 'real' programming on television?


Annette said...

I loved the victorian farm. A lot of hard work though.
I agree about the programmes, celebrity etc.The ones I loathe is Big brother,and th eone where they are out on an island thing, I don't even know what it's called! I often wonder where it is going to end.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Darn! Wish I could see the Vitorian Farm! There are WAYYYY too many reality shows these days. Doesn't anyone work anymore?? How do they all manage to be free for weeks and months??
I'd much prefer documentaries of facts and valuable information shows!
(I've been a wee bit outta commission...but hopefully back now...)
I missed checking in on you, but you know, that Tea I'm so fond of? I had to order some more this a.m. first thing!! Downed it all this past week!

Janet said...

The reality shows are the main reason we don't have TV.

The unique stuff like "Victorian Farm" makes me wish I still had it.