04 February 2009

In Between

Today we have

The Skies are clear and blue and the sun is shining. I would say brightly but I am not sure whether it is actually above freezing at the moment.

The next four days promise heavy snow, though whether GemmaK will see any of it since she seems to be living in the snow free capital of England (now having said that she will probably get 6ft and blame me for it).

The cupboards are stocked with food for an emergency, torches are to hand as are some candles.. but will it be needed?

Why is it that this country mostly goes to pieces at the slightest bit of bad weather, especially the drivers, who either drive as though the roads were not covered in ice/snow/slush or other slippery component and then say not enough was done to keep them safe. Hmmm perhaps their driving skills (or lack of them) come to mind..

Personally, I believe that Dr Lisa Dorn who is a driver behaviourist expert has it right when she says the modern cars are almost too protective for their own good. With all the mod cons such as SIPS, airbags and crumple zones, drivers think they are invincible and drive like they would normally without regard for others or road conditions; relying instead on the vehicle to protect them.

In years gone by, cars were precious and took many months if not years of hard work to be able to afford and you looked after it like it was the precious thing it was, consideration was the name of the game and accidents were that, accidents. Nowadays, cars can be had for as little as £50 quid, or free if you TWOC them. Cheap and two a penny, who cars what happens to them, just get another...

Something has to happen to make these roads a safer place, but I am blowed if I know what it is..


Kathy G said...

You could be describing the drivers in my city, which is across the ocean in the middle of the USA!

At the first hint of snow, half the drivers slow their speed to a crawl (even when it's not necessary) and the other half of the cars fly by going way too fast.

The W.O.W. factor said...

And along with Kathy G...all across the US!
I think 'common sense' is lacking along with respect. I hope your storms pass over without much ado. Atleast you are prepared to weather it out!