12 February 2009

Pictures from our Winter Blues

I wonder why we are still in snow and ice, but we haven't had temperatures above 3 degrees for over a fortnight and the forecast is the same for the next few days then we might go to a balmy 9 degrees next week which will be good as SOH and I have to do some travelling as we are going down to Cornwall to visit family and the wintry conditions would not be ideal.

I love this particular picture of the garden, taken on the 5th of Feb it is almost perfectly blue because of the weather conditions, not because I have adjusted it with a software package.

The snow here was 5-6 inches deep, and then about 7am the following day we had another four inches making nearly a total of over a foot of snow, incredibly unusual but also dangerous for driving in.

Luckily over the next few days it stopped snowing and we even had some fun, I took the following pictures over the weekend of the scenes around the village. The dog is called Jake, and grinned like this when he was waiting for a snowball to be thrown for him to catch.

When we cleared the snow from the drive, we made a wall - other people build snowmen, not us we built walls and in fact one of the walls became a wine cooler for us. Actually still is as it is still there now over a week later.


Nicey said...

I like it a wall yeah !! gotta do different things ....


Elaine said...

A wine cooler? Now that is seriously cool!

Sorry about the pun.

Dark Side said...

Love the idea of the wall, we have only just got the white stuff today it's settling but apparently it's going to leave us at midnight and warm up tomorrow...we will see!!..xx