18 February 2009

Another Meme

I have taken up Jo's tag and will write six random things about me.

  1. My favourite place in all the world is wherever SOH is (all together now... aaahhhh bless).

  2. I studied history at school.

  3. I once met Prince Andrew, and shared a buck's fizz with him, his valet Mick and my mate Cathy on Christmas Morning at Windsor Castle

  4. My favourite shop is Waitrose.

  5. I am not very good at sewing, so making my own clothes is out, can't make curtains, or cushions or any soft furnishing. But I do like to cross-stitch (there my big secret is out), I quite like making scarves (knitting) and I like painting (though my artistic ability is right up there with my sewing skills!)

  6. One of my favourite meals is Cornish Chicken Curry

I would like to tag all lurkers. Come on- let me know something about you!


lindsayslife said...

Interesting answers there, Sage!

I might have a go at it myself, later. Though I'm not sure that I can think of six *interesting* facts about myself, LOL.

And hey, I am a fan of cross-stitching too. Not that I do so much these days...


Annette said...

Cornish chicken curry??
What's the difference please?

AnneDroid said...

I do love reading people's memes like this. I feel I know you better now.

Nicey said...

I went to school in Cornwall
Lived in the middle east
Slept with to many woman
I am an addict
I have played rugby at the Dubia sevens
My dad was a policeman

Janet said...

I'm speechless over #3.
I'm a cross-sticher too, but I prefer crochet to knitting.