05 February 2009

They wos rite

Bad spelling an all..

Sage is sitting at home working on work, rather than having travelled the oh so far 3 miles to work because we had nearly 7 inches of the white stuff overnight and it has just started sprinkling more as I type this.

Just heard on the radio, that the Highways Office in Bedford has closed due to the snow. Well it is official there is no hope now at all. The roads are barely passable up to the main village so the few cars that tried have now returned home and unless the situation picks up it will be the same tomorrow but hopefully the forecast of the snow turning to sleet means that work will be on the cards.

As nice as it is to work from home, I miss the interactions with people relating to tasks and work and it will be good to get out and about.

Obviously I am not cut out for life in a cold climate it seems...


Chapati said...

Hehe enjoy the time off to do something you've been meaning to do for ages and haven't got round to yet (doesn't everyone have those lists!?)

On monday we decided to do a MASSIVE 'spring' clean when we were at home and sort through loads of paperwork we'd been meaning to look at and get rid of!

Annette said...

Yes, I'm sure many people are doing that, including me, although I,ve just been to the bloody dentist!

Dark Side said...

You and me both, I am just hoping the white stuff stays away from us long enough to get the hospital tomorrow...keep everything crossed for me please?..xx

Relax Max said...

And the forecast doesn't seem to be much better. Hang in there. :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL Sage! I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks the white stuff is much prettier when it's in the neighbors yard!
Stay warm with SOH and it will pass, soon.
Won't it????