27 February 2009


While I don't particularly like the new format of Masterchef, I do enjoy watching it as the amateur cooks start off with a fairly high level to start off with and finish on a real high with professional looking food. I can only dream of attaining those sort of heights in my culinary tastes.

I was glad to see the winner was Mat, he of the big flavours and even bigger portions turn out to be the finalist who could serve up a starter of rabbit, a main of crab and a desert of lavender mousse with bramble coulis... I might just have to look up that last recipe for my other blog as I love the smell of lavender and enjoy the flavour in food.

This morning, I went to the gym before work, we are lucky having the facilities here at the University so afterwards I could stroll into the office. By my reckoning I have a lot of work to do in the gym to make amends for the food I have eaten over the past year or so.

This weekend, I am going to tackle the garden, hoping that the weather will hold up long enough for me to get out there and do some work, I still need to prune the other apple tree, the pear tree and also the hedge between me and my neighbours. The latter is of some concern as a) I need to do it before the birds getting any ideas of nesting and b) before it becomes too tall for me. I don't do heights and I would feel more comfortable if I knew someone could hold the ladder for me but I don't and the only other option is to pay someone to come in and do it for me... which I would rather not do.

Sunday, I have the last of the winter meets at Towcester and am determined that I will go by bike unless something else arises. A couple of friends are coming over to ensure that I don't have to go by myself, which is good of them. The support of friends is important to me right now and so are your encouraging messages.


Annette said...

How I agree with you over Matt winning Masterchef.
I love that programme although I could never cook like that.
The other two were good too, but matt did have that little something extra. (concerning the food I mean)
As for pruning as I said we have a plum tree that hasn't been pruned for years because neither geoff nor I do heights either,but it has got to be done.
It looks like a knott of matted hair.

Anonymous said...

I too love watching Masterchef. I haven't seen the final programme - it's been recorded to watch tonight. I sometimes think if I hear "cooking doesn't get toughter than this" one more time, I will scream, but the programme is good enough that I suffer it.

Elaine said...


you MUST go to Normandy, you'll love it, it is so beautiful. It is the sort of place you can go on your own if you can't get someone to go with you.

Janet said...

That lavender mousse sounds yummy.
I need to get out and do some yard work too. Primarily clear the leaves off all the new shoots coming up. I always discover hidden crocuses or something. Hope this weekend goes well.