15 February 2009

Catchup Day

Sunday was our catchup day:

Clean the ratz out thoroughly with the two rats helping by coming to see us and try and get some titbits so the process took longer than usual. The cage is cleaned daily, with the litter tray emptied and the shelves wiped, the water bottle refilled and the food container filled – those little critters can eat so much considering their size; they ought to be the size of effalumps.

Catch up with the laundry, because of the snow, ice and freezing temps we have been saving it up so the weekend was full of laundry drying as I like to air it outside and funny enough it did actually dry even with snow under it; wonder if it had anything to do with the reflective affect.

Prune the Apple tree, the buddhlea and the spiky plant, all of which had sustained damage from the weight of snow and the frost.

Check the carport for damage, we may need to put in a claim for this as two of the struts bent badly under the continued weight of snow.

Tidy up the garage, put things away as we have just been too busy and it has been too cold to spend much time out there.

Clean and tidy the house, making a wonderfully rich barbeque beef that just melted in the mouth.

Watch the last of the 6 nation matches and then followed up with Leicester Tigers vs London Wasps. NB the less said about the referee in the England v Wales match the better but Mr Kaplan was his normal usual self in penalising England

All in all a good weekend.


Elaine said...

Sounds like a great weekend (not sure about the rats though) - you must be feeling very virtuous.

Annette said...

Makes you feel good when you do a good clean-up doesn't it?
I wonder if you fancy pruning our plum tree?
We've pruned it once in about 20 years.
Neither geoff nor I can climb ladders to get to it!

I'll show you what I mean.

Nicey said...

Sounds a great weekend,
Kaplin eh, he had just as well worn a red shirt !!!!


Kathy G said...

It's nice to have time to accomplish things.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow...you got a lot accomplished! I could send you my list and you could do it "virtually" for me! ;)