09 February 2009

Snow Joke

At last SOH managed to get me to work, though the roads were very icy and yet some drivers seemed to ignore this.. however the number of cars we have seen with front or rear end damage due to the negligence of other drivers tells you all you need to know.

The Uni had been out early salting the roads and the paths so at work we are safer than out there on the main roads. Bedfordshire are only salting main roads it seems, so us country bumkins are on our own as far as they are concerned.

The weather forecast is for a winter storm tonight, and possibly the threat of heavy snow tomorrow. SOH leaves for work at the ungodly hour of 4.30am and doesn't get home until 5.30pm which in Summer isn't too bad but in Winter can be cold and miserable especially when there are limited facilities for a hot drink or warm meal.

Last Friday he was out Buckingham way when the snow began to fall heavily and his lorry slid while going up a steep hill and that was when he was fully laden. He eventually got home just before 11am and then had to leave his car at the bottom of the hill as the snow was just too slippery to get him back to the house. Later on that day, a few neighbours cleared a path and he was able to get up onto the cleared drive that I had done in case he managed to get up the road.

If anyone doubts the ability of an Englishman (or Woman) to discuss the weather endlessly, then they must doubt no further than this blog... :-)

Be safe out there, as many NHS resources are being stretched by snow related injuries.


Annette said...

Perhaps SOH should take a blanket and hot drink with him, just in case he gets stuck somewhere.
Then at least you will know he has a drink with him and a blanket to keep him warm.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't envy SOH at having to leave at 4.30am. That's nasty!

Good to hear that you are all safe and well. And that you are taking it steady.

Not sure if we shall see anymore of the white stuff down here in Cornwall. It's been forecast again, though I'm not convinced!

Stay safe :-)

Lins x